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What is LeiaPix?

LeiaPix is an innovative web based AI platform designed to transform 2D images into 3D depth animation, effortlessly. Our cutting-edge technology allows users to experience and create 3D animations not possible until now!

How does LeiaPix convert 2D content to 3D?

Our AI uses advanced algorithms to analyze 2D content and extrapolate depth information, creating a realistic 3D effect. This process is automatic, user-friendly, and requires no prior 3D modeling experience.

What file formats does LeiaPix support for 2D input?

LeiaPix works with a wide range of image formats including PNG, JPG/JPEG, HEIC, WEBP. However, for the best results, we recommend high-resolution content with clear depth cues.

What file formats does LeiaPix support for output?

MP4 Video Animation: Create dynamic 3D animations with up to 4K resolution, perfect for high-quality presentations and displays.

GIF: Ideal for web use, offering GIF outputs up to 360p for quick sharing and easy embedding on websites or social media.

JPEG SBS Parallel: Produce high-resolution 3D images up to 4K, displayed in SideBySide format for compatible 3D viewers and displays.

JPEG SBS Cross-Eyed: Generate Cross-Eyed stereo images up to 4K, allowing for 3D viewing without special glasses, suitable for digital platforms.

JPEG (LIF | Leia Metadata): Our specialized JPEG format, which includes Leia metadata for enhanced 3D depth and quality on Leia’s devices, supports resolutions up to 4K.

PNG Depth Map (Disparity): Available in 16-bit, this depth map is essential for detailed 3D modeling and post-processing.

Can I use LeiaPix for commercial purposes?

LeiaPix is a powerful tool for professionals in variety of fields from advertising and entertainment, to architecture and design, offering a unique way to enhance visual content for commercial use. You need to buy credits and select commercial rights during the export process. Please note, the free credits deposited into new accounts upon signup cannot be used for commercial purposes.

Do I need special equipment to view 3D content?

While special 3D displays enhance the experience, LeiaPix content can also be enjoyed on standard 2D screens, where the 3D effect is simulated. A 3D-enabled device is required to view true 3D.

Is there a trial version of LeiaPix available?

A free version of LeiaPix is available so you can experience the capabilities of LeiaPix firsthand. We give you 100 credits to get started when you create your account (not for commercial use). Only some exports and advanced features are paid. MP4 and SBS up to 720p resolution exports are free (watermark + non-commercial use).

What support is available for LeiaPix users?

We provide comprehensive support through our online resources, tutorials, Discord and a dedicated customer service team ready to assist with any inquiries or challenges.

How can I stay updated on LeiaPix's latest features and updates?

If you have created a LeiaPix account, you will receive our newsletter. If you don’t want to receive it, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Where can I find LeiaPix tutorials or user guides?

Our website hosts a variety of tutorials and user guides, ranging from basic functionality to advanced techniques, to help you master LeiaPix. You can also find other tutorials on YouTube from our creators, just search for LeiaPix.

How can I provide feedback or suggest new features for LeiaPix?

We value user feedback and ideas for improvement! Please use our contact form to submit your suggestions or thoughts.

Can LeiaPix content be integrated into existing websites or applications?

Yes, LeiaPix-generated content can be integrated into a variety platforms. We offer APIs and support for popular web and mobile platforms to ensure seamless integration. Contact Us if you need access to our API.

How does LeiaPix handle data privacy and security?

We prioritize user data privacy and security. You can review our Terms & Conditions and Community Guidelines at any time.

Are there any specific system requirements to run LeiaPix?

For an optimal experience with LeiaPix, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser, ensuring it's updated to the latest version. Additionally, please disable adblockers and allow all cookies for our site. Having the latest software updates for your operating system is essential for the best performance and compatibility. Since the preview is done on your device, using a device with good processing capacity will significantly enhance your experience.

How accurate is the 3D conversion in LeiaPix?

LeiaPix employs advanced algorithms to ensure high accuracy in 3D conversion. The accuracy can vary depending on the original content's quality and composition.

Can I edit the 3D output once it's generated?

Yes, LeiaPix offers editing tools to fine-tune the 3D output. Users can adjust depth, perspective, and other parameters for optimal results.

Is LeiaPix suitable for educational purposes?

Absolutely! LeiaPix can be a valuable tool in educational settings, offering a unique way to visualize and present content in 3D.

What languages does LeiaPix support?

Currently, LeiaPix is available in English. We are working on adding support for additional languages in the future.

How can I report a bug or technical issue with LeiaPix?

If you encounter any technical issues, please report them through our contact form. Please provide detailed information about your computing environment (machine, OS, browser versions) and the file type/size of the file.  This will help us replicate and resolve the issue or refer you to a solution we have for this type of issue.

Are there any community forums or user groups for LeiaPix?

Yes, we have an active Discord community where users can share tips, ask questions, and discuss LeiaPix. Click here to join the conversation.

Where can I share content made with LeiaPix?

LeiaPix is designed around being shareable on social media. Our users often share LeiaPix content on Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Reddit, Discord, and more! LeiaPix can be shared anywhere you can share a video, GIF animation, or 3D photo. If you want to get the chance to be featured on our homepage, use #Leiapix